BioEnergetic Medicine

Dr Celeste uses homeopathy and flower essences to unlock the healing potential of her patients. ┬áHomeopathy and flower essences are considered Bio Energetic medicine. ┬áThese tools are imprints of healthy tissue and healthy function that are given so that the body remembers it’s way back to health. ┬áMost often these medicines alone can restore health and used along with her other modalities her patients are helped and feel better.

Examples of Bio Energetic medicines around us include:

  1. Arnica montana for bruising and body aches from trauma or over excercise
  2. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for stress or sudden traumatic events
  3. Muscle testing
  4. Emotional Freedom Technique
  5. Family Constellation


If Bio Energetic medicine is something you are interested in please contact Dr Celeste.